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Robot gripping systems

Individual gripping systems as a complete service from a single source and in the highest quality

Due to our wide range of services, we are sure that we can offer a suitable solution to you too.

Thanks to our many years of experience in automation, manufacturing, assembly and electrical engineering, not only do you get individual gripper components from us but also complex robot gripping systems of the highest quality.

On request, we carry out feasibility studies and cycle time analyses and draw up functional specifications for all tasks.

In close cooperation with our customers, we develop optimal and economical solutions.

Form and force closing gripper

Form and force closing gripper

Safe gripping with high flexibility

Swiveling gripper fingers enable safe gripping of complex shapes. Gripping at several points distributes the load evenly, so that even sensitive and thin-walled components can be handled without damage.

Cost-effective variants can be easily and quickly adjusted manually to changing components. Fully and partially automated grippers, equipped with electric and pneumatic drives, minimize set-up times through automatically adjustable gripper jaws.

Vacuum gripper

Industries: Mechanical engineering

Efficient vacuum solutions

Vacuum grippers are used where conventional grippers reach their limits due to a lack of gripping contours. For example, flat workpieces such as panels and plastic molded parts.

We also have the necessary know-how in the design of grippers for handling materials with little bending stiffness, such as cardboard.

Intelligent concepts and sophisticated components ensure maximum process reliability.

Special gripper

Special gripper

Special solutions for process optimization

In order to optimize a process, it is often advisable to also carry out individual intermediate steps of the process with the gripper, without paying attention to the actual gripping task.

For example, plastic parts previously removed from a mold can be joined using the gripper.

The possibility of integrating additional tasks into the gripper can be investigated for all the above-mentioned gripper types and their combinations.

automation systems

automation systems

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