Online meeting

    More time for the essentials with online meeting

    You have 2 options to use Teamviewer for our online presentations.

    Download the QuickJoin module

    With the QuickJoin application you can easily join our online presentations.

    By downloading the QuickJoin module you can start the meeting. For this you only need the session data.

    No software installation is required.

    1. Click on the “TeamViewer” icon to start the download
    2. At the next dialog box, “save file”
    3. After complete download, open the “.exe file” with double click
    4. Execute file – this works even without administration rights
    5. When the User Account Control dialog box appears, press “yes ”
    6. TeamviewerQJ is now started
      techtory anmeldung
    7. Enter the communicated session data here.
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