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Five axes: set up once, perfect results

Qualified specialist personnel, optimal production strategies and modern, future-oriented machinery form the basis for the production of high-quality milled parts.

In terms of technology and productivity, we are usually one step ahead of our market competitors. By machining with 5-axis strategies, the production of highly complex geometries takes place in one clamping process, if possible. By working at the optimum contact point of the tool, high surface finishes are achieved.

Minimization of setup times and setup costs as well as maximum dimensional accuracy are the result and ensure your advantage:

  • An optimal price-performance ratio for all parts requested from us

We machine almost all materials, from non-ferrous metals to hardened steels.

Possible dimensions:

Our machinery allows us to manufacture workpieces with the following maximum dimensions:

  • 800 mm x 800 mm x 550 mm
  • Workpiece weights up to 500 kg

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