automation systems

Automation systems from TECHTORY make production processes more stable and increase productivity

Automated assembly, fitting and testing in an industrial environment

TECHTORY is a reliable partner when it comes to automation systems. In development, we work with standardized modular assemblies. In addition, we offer solutions for the feeding of parts and their removal with the area of conveyor technology.

If our standardized automation systems do not meet your requirements, we develop and implement special solutions, perfectly tailored to your profile. A wide, application-oriented range of storage systems, machining stations and workpiece feed variants for every application rounds off our product range.

TECHTORY uses virtual commissioning for this, which gives you many more advantages in your production process.

In this way, the robotic cells can already be converted offline via software to a new product range or a new task, while the physical plant is still producing in the original manner. Six-axis robots work in the cells. Various storage systems, conveyors, grippers, screwdrivers or vision systems are available as accessories.

TECHTORY robotic cells are ready for use twice as fast as traditional robotic cells. In addition, the possibility of reuse is multiplied.