• Customized test bench construction

Customized test bench construction

Specific test bench solutions – during development or for integration into your production process

In coordination with your requirements, we develop individual test stands for the most diverse product tests of your manufacturing process.

Due to our experience in measurement technology, electrical engineering, computer science and process engineering, we design and produce test benches and system solutions as a complete package and in the highest quality.

The test sequences are individually adapted to your needs and products.

Leak test benches

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Differential pressure method, flow test method, etc.

For the quality assurance of joined, leakage-relevant components, we develop intelligent test rigs with computer-controlled leakage measurement systems.

With modern measuring equipment, even complex leak and function tests with special test sequences can be realized.

Extensive resources for additional measurements and test sequences as well as mechanical retooling options make our test benches ready for use for your downstream products despite being a special solution.

  • Flexible and freely programmable control functions
  • Storage of test parameters for different products
  • History documentation as well as collection of extensive statistics and measurement curves
  • Differential pressure method
  • Flow test method
  • Worker water bath test, …
  • Compressed air/vacuum
  • Water

Endurance test benches

Customized test bench construction

Endurance test benches for a wide range of components

To investigate the long-term behavior of new products under real conditions, we develop and manufacture endurance test benches according to customer-specific requirements.

Mechanical and thermal load conditions are realistically simulated using time-lapse techniques. The service life of the products can be proven or determined by extreme loads on the specimens in the long-term test up to destruction.

  • Fully automatic test sequences
  • Reliable long-term operation
  • High power reserves
  • Customized test sequences
  • Adjustable periods / preselectable cycles
  • Clear operation
  • Clear presentation of the test results
  • Secure documentation through archiving of test runs
  • Online support with remote maintenance
  • Reliable reproducibility of the test runs

End-of-line test benches

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Test benches for quality assurance of various technical products during production

For testing your products at the end of the manufacturing process, we develop test benches for a wide range of technical products and components.

All functionally relevant characteristics are checked using appropriate measurement technology, and the measurement results are logged.

A cost-effective and user-friendly design enables rapid introduction into the production process.

On request, the test benches can be equipped with additional functions, such as marking or ejection of reject parts.

Testing technology

Testing technology

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