• Single part production

Single part production

Single part production with flexibility, reliability and precision

Due to our advanced and high-performance machinery and high flexibility, we are optimally prepared for the production of prototypes as well as demanding individual parts and small series.

Our qualified and motivated employees show a high sense of responsibility and stand for comprehensive service.

We manufacture prototypes, individual parts and small series in accordance with drawings, sketches, customer samples or data models. After defining an efficient manufacturing strategy and CAD/CAM programming, optimized work or test plans support production.

We manufacture individual components for subassemblies with the same precision as complex free-form parts for tool and mold making.

Individual parts and components

techtory einzelteile komponenten

Top performance in the fields of turning, milling, wire erosion

Our manufacturing programis based on longstanding expertise. Flexibility and precision make us a reliable partner.

Our scope of work for single part production includes:

  • CAD/CAM programming
  • Preparation of work and test plans
  • Material procurement and provision
  • Mechanical processing, realization of complex contours and shapes
  • Inspection of parts with 3D coordinate measuring machines
  • Documentation and evaluation of the results
  • Surface treatment
  • Packing and transport
  • For repeat parts, we take over the storage of fixtures and parts

Accurate form shots

Formteile zur Fixierung von Bauteilen

Molded parts for the exact mounting of your components

To ensure that your components fit precisely and are fixed in the correct position, we manufacture molded parts made of high-strength steel, aluminum and copper alloys in accordance with your drawings and 3D data sets.

Mold holders made of wear-resistant steel or high-strength aluminum ensure precise mounting of your components in clamping or measuring fixtures.

Particularly in the field of welding device construction, hard copper alloy mold holders offer enormous advantages.

Prototypes and pilot series

Einzelteilfertigung von Prototypen mit 3D-Modell

Prototypes and pilot series with functional properties of the later series part

We manufacture prototypes and pilot series according to your drawings, sketches, customer samples or data models. Supported by modern production planning and control systems, we create work or test plans.

After digitizing data, developing 3D models and creating drawings, we manufacture your prototypes and pilot series economically and efficiently.

Areas of expertise – manufacturing

Single part production

Areas of expertise – manufacturing

Single part production
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