• Mechanical construction

Mechanical construction

Innovative ideas for customized system solutions

In the diverse field of automation as well as fixture and equipment construction, we support you in all your projects.

From CAD design of individual components, conceptual design of specific devices to the development of complex process equipment, we are more than just a service provider.

We can also support you in the area of detailing your finished projects. Of course, you will receive complete documentation from us in accordance with the EC Machinery Directive.

Choose a reliable partner for your success:

  • Competence through many years of experience
  • Flexible and efficient collaboration
  • Optimal solutions through task-specific team building
  • Efficient implementation
  • High adherence to deadlines

Following the design, we will provide you with an offer for the construction of the fixture or equipment upon request.

CAD design

techtory cad konstruktion

Fast and flexible 3D modeling

Creativity, broad expertise, clear structures, the best equipment and considered action are the basis for the best results. Because individual tasks require individual solutions. We develop these as a team, in close cooperation with the customer.

They can participate in the construction at any time via a 3D viewer. With Solid Edge, we work with an industry-leading CAD system for mechanical design.

Machine safety

techtory maschinensicherheit

Risk assessment with Safexpert®

In the development and design of fixtures, machines and equipment, we attach great importance to safe operation and the avoidance of all conceivable danger points.

We carry out the risk assessment in accordance with the applicable Machinery Directive systematically and efficiently using the proven Safexpert® software system.

With the safety software, the greatest possible safety is integrated into the design processes. Danger points and hazards are identified and avoided.


techtory detaillierung

You already have a finished developed project, but you lack the capacity for detailing?

We create complete and standard-compliant detailed drawings from your design documents, sample parts or prototypes.

Our services:

  • Creating drawings of your designs and sample parts
  • Adopting your drawing and parts list structure
  • Assembly drawings, individual drawings and parts lists


techtory dokumentation

Your manufacturing, assembly and machine documents: complete and clear

We prepare the desired documentation individually according to customer requirements in compliance with the EC Machinery Directive.

You will receive:

  • Design documents
  • Detailed drawings, parts lists and functional diagrams
  • Pneumatic/hydraulic diagrams

Development and design of customer-specific system solutions

Construction of semi-automated manual workstations

Constuction of partially automated manual workstations

Assembling – Testing – Marking

For high-quality manual work under ergonomic conditions, we design individual workstations and modular workstation systems – simple, functionally reliable, expandable.

Individual workstations specially adapted to your individual tasks ensure optimum functionality and trouble-free operation. If requirements increase, the workstations can be flexibly expanded as needed at any time thanks to the simple and compact design.

Designs in fixture construction

Testing devices: Measuring systems

Assembly, testing and clamping devices

We have many years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning in the field of fixture and equipment construction.

We incorporate our complete know-how in the development of sophisticated assembly, testing and clamping fixtures as well as testing equipment and gauges.

The conception is thereby individually adapted to your needs. The execution is carried out according to economic and ergonomic aspects.

Construction of functionally safe welding devices

Welding device design

Resistance, laser, robot welding devices

We offer welding devices that are specially tailored to your individual requirements. Individual parts are positioned and clamped to form the overall assembly.

Complex welding assemblies usually require individual special solutions. Positioning and clamping processes are equipped with different levels of automation, depending on requirements.

Robot gripping system design

Robot gripping system design

Individual gripping solutions

Our many years of versatile experience in the field of automation allow us to select the best solution for your handling task from a wide range of gripping concepts. We design gripping systems for connection to robot arms of different manufacturers or to gantry systems.

Product overview

  • Form and force closing gripper
  • Vacuum gripper
  • Special gripper
  • Robot gripping systems

Test bench design

Test bench design

Quality assurance during development and production in series production

For different applications and industries we develop test benches for quality assurance and endurance testing. We benefit from our experience in measurement and process engineering. The design is customized to the respective requirements.

Reference areas:

  • Leak test benches
  • Endurance test benches
  • End-of-line test benches
  • Test benches for sanitary fittings
  • Test benches for industrial fittings

automation systems

Machine tool automation

Designs for more efficiency

The automated loading and unloading of machine tools is an important factor for more economical production of series parts.

With our many years of experience, we will also find an efficient solution for your application for the transport of unmachined and finished parts inside or outside the machine tool.


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