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Mechanical assembly production

Technology that inspires

A wide variety of individual components can be assembled into complex, technically sophisticated subassemblies. It does not matter whether they are partially assembled or complete subassemblies.

Take advantage of our extensive assembly know-how, our flexibility and innovative manufacturing methods for an economical assembly of your subassemblies.

We provide the following services for you:

Reference projects

Series assembly of high precision fixtures

techtory baugruppe serienmontage

Subassemblies for medical purposes

In a demanding project, high-precision fixtures for the further processing of optical elements were manufactured and assembled.

Adjustment units, such as ball-guided precision adjustment tables or precision coordinate rotary tables with micrometer screws, and a high number of variants made the project particularly interesting.

Project scope:

  • CNC manufacturing and surface treatment of all components
  • Procurement of all purchased parts
  • Assembly and measurement of the subassemblies

Adhesive mounts for the automotive industry

techtory aufnahmevorrichtung

Mounting devices for the bonding of panels

The devices are used for bonding panels to an associated frame. The mold holders are made of PE1000 (PE-UHMW) and mounted on a handy aluminum plate with bow handles. The components are inserted, aligned and fixed by hand.

Project scope:

  • Concept development, design, detailing
  • CNC manufacturing, surface treatment
  • Procurement of all purchased parts
  • Assembly with functional test
  • Packing and shipping

Economical subassembly production in series

techtory wirtschaftliche baugruppenfertigung

Series production, purchased parts procurement and assembly

Due to the high volume and efficiency of our company, outsourcing was practiced in the most effective way for this project. From the series production of individual parts to the procurement of purchased parts and the functional testing of the fully assembled subassemblies.

Customer benefits:

  • High cost-effectiveness through efficient series production
  • Streamlined assembly through optimization of work steps and specially developed auxiliary devices
  • Minimization of incoming goods inspection at the customer’s premises due to guaranteed product quality upon delivery

Components subassembly production

Components subassembly production

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