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Testing devices

Quality assurance through efficient product inspection

The quality of your products is crucial for the position of your company on the market. With continuous process monitoring, you ensure a consistently high standard.

Our devices allow complete verification of all desired geometry and surface data with adjoining seamless documentation.

Our product range:
  • Inspection devices
  • Test benches
  • Measuring systems
  • Gauge construction

Inspection devices


Dimensional process monitoring without measuring machines

Our inspection devices, also called “measuring gauges”, offer the possibility, besides pure test procedures,
to also perform measurements. In many cases, this eliminates the need for measuring machines with time-consuming alignment procedures.

The parts to be tested are inserted into the device and fixed in place. In built-in gauges, positions and distances can be checked according to their tolerances. At the same time, it is possible to measure the geometry at predefined points.

The use of interchangeable devices enables flexible and particularly economical use of the devices.

Measuring systems

Testing devices: Measuring systems

Force, displacement, torque, pressure, flow measurement …

For high demands in quality assurance we offer test equipment with integrated measuring systems. These offer the possibility to measure functionally relevant parameters of your products, to evaluate the determined data and to archive them.

The insertion of parts can be manual or automated. After the measurement has been performed, protocol printouts can be generated or the test parts can be marked with inkjet, scribe, embossing or
laser marking equipment.

By working closely with our customers, we can ensure solutions that are optimally tailored to their requirements.

Gauge construction

techtory lehrenbau

Gauges are the basic prerequisite for dimensionally accurate manufacturing

We develop and manufacture gauges according to your specific needs. Within the framework of efficient and at the same time high-quality production monitoring, complex parts and system components can be inspected.

Modern 3D technology in design and production guarantees problem-free insertion and removal of components and enables the production of complicated contours.

Our gauges are delivered with a test certificate and, on request, with detailed instructions for use. We manufacture appropriate standard reference gauges for setting the gauges.

fixture construction

fixture construction

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