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Wire erosion

Economical wire-cut EDM of individual and series parts

Hardened, difficult-to-machine materials or workpieces with delicate contours are economically machined by us using modern wire-cut EDM technology.

We manufacture precise parts with the finest outlines and high surface qualities as individual parts and in series according to customer drawings. We achieve the highest manufacturing accuracies through air-conditioned finishing with pre-tempered components.

With the latest generation CNC turning and milling machining centers as well as the complete service package around manufacturing, we naturally also take over the complete machining of your workpieces.

Our services:

  • Wire-cut EDM of individual parts

    Economical due to high cutting capacities and multi-machine operation

  • Wire eroded parts in series

    Efficient due to multiple clamping devices and unmanned operation

Wire-cut EDM of finest structures

By adding modern wire erosion machines from Mitsubishi Electric to our range of machinery, we are able to offer high-precision wire-cut EDM work of small batches and series.



Wire-cut EDM includes almost all electrically conductive workpieces such as:

  • Hardened tool steels
  • Powder metallurgy steels
  • Hard metals
  • Copper
  • Graphite

Performance data of our CNC water bath wire-cut EDM systems, with wire threading and automatic fine hole search:

Travel: 500 x 350 x 300 mm
Surface finish: up to Ra 0.2 µm
Wire diameter: 0,25 mm

workpiece dimensions:

Max. workpiece dimensions: 1050 x 800 x 295 mm
Max. Workpiece weight: 1500 kg

For sinker EDM work, we rely on our long-standing and reliable partners.

Wire-cut EDM of individual parts

drahterodieren von einzelteilen

Parallelism and precision in the μ-range

We manufacture high-precision parts with the finest contours on modern wire-cut EDM systems.

Due to high cutting capacities and multi-machine operation, we are also able to produce individual parts

Innovative machine technology ensures the best surface quality when machining standard and special materials.

Wire eroded parts in series

drahterodieren von serienteilen

Economical wire-cut EDM of series parts

We also meet all the requirements of the market in terms of precision, quality and delivery time in the series production sector.

For particularly economical production, the company’s own fixture construction department supplies multiple clamping fixtures that enable unmanned operation over a long period of time.

The clamping of multiple parts and simplified reclamping with zero maintenance reduces the throughput times per part and increases the productivity of the machines.

Gallery wire erosion machining

We have compiled a selection of our reference projects for you.

  • Prototyping
  • Initial sample and series production
  • Mold inserts and mold cores
  • Composite tools
  • Electrodes
  • Pressure pieces
  • Gear molds
  • Stripper plates
  • Cutting punches
  • Punch inserts
  • Punch holding plates
  • Separator punches
  • Dies
  • Die guides
  • Clamping rings
  • and many more

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