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Welding devices

Automated welding devices and manual welding devices

We support manufacturing companies in the selection and conception as well as the design and realization of future-oriented automated welding fixtures.

For small batches, we manufacture manual welding devices that ensure safe function and ergonomic operation.

For larger quantities, we realize robot or laser welding devices with pneumatic or hydraulic clamping of the components to be joined.

Due to many years of experience in fixture construction and professional competence in manufacturing and assembly as well as in electrical engineering, you will receive welding devices from us as a complete service of the highest quality.

Robot welding devices

Welding device design

Fast cycle times, high process reliability

Robot technology is increasingly being used in the manufacture of welding technology products to ensure cost-effective production.

  • Fast cycle times
  • Use of abstract component geometries
  • Precise clamping due to mold holders
  • Component and end position queries
  • Poka Yoke and Chaku Chaku Principle
  • User-friendly clamp connections
  • Short setup times

Laser welding devices

Welding devices

Precise positioning of components for the use of modern laser technology

Today’s quality demands are increasingly tempting manufacturers of welding products to use modern laser welding technology. This ensures both high quality and an attractive appearance of the weld.

For high quality welds, our devices feature intelligent clamping concepts.

Precise positioning of the components to be welded and adjustable mounting units enable high accuracy and ensure a safe and smooth welding process.

  • Precisely fitting joint gaps due to tight tolerances in the design of the component receptacles
  • Shortest set-up times due to defined interfaces to your laser welding systems
  • High load capacity due to a compact, modular design
  • Increased number of pieces and thus increased productivity due to multiple nesting on one fixture
  • Good welding accessibility and optimum worker ergonomics

Resistance welding devices

techtory widerstandsschweissvorrichtung

Economical production of high-quality welded joints

Resistance welding is one of the most economical welding processes. Our resistance welding tools are particularly suitable for efficient production of smaller welded assemblies.

The dimensionally accurate production of the component holders, integrated poka yoke systems and wear-resistant materials ensure a flawless welding process and high dimensional accuracy of the assemblies, even with large batch sizes.

  • Defined current flow and constant welding results by using current conducting and non-conducting parts.
  • High precision due to positioning of components with ceramic and / or insulated steel pins.
  • Quick-change holder for attaching the electrodes to the lower and upper tools.
  • Long service life of the welding electrodes due to indirect water cooling via the electrode holders.

Manual welding devices

Manual welding device

Economical devices for smaller quantities

Manual welding devices are used when high quantities are not being produced. The decisive factor in the design of welding devices is optimum weld seam accessibility and a user-friendly design of the device.

  • During the design phase, special attention is paid to easy insertion and removal of parts.
  • Contour holders ensure that the parts to be welded are clamped in the correct position.
  • A flexible tuning system on the component holders enables defined and reproducible adjustability for each individual component.
  • Welding distortion is taken into account during planning, and subsequent adjustment is possible at any time thanks to the flexible tuning system.
  • If required, encapsulated force clamps with dead center locking with manual and/or pneumatic actuation are used.

Welding devices for prototype construction

Prototype devices especially for pilot series production

Prototypes are required for the individual development stages of the pre-series. Conclusions drawn from practical tests, including crash and shoring tests, are incorporated into further development. The goals are effective cost reduction and avoiding problems in series production.

We develop welding devices for prototype construction in a modular design. The devices are equally suitable for manual and robotic welding.

  • Functionally reliable design
  • Economic construction
  • Alignment option of all clamping points in X, Y, Z direction
  • With the help of 3D print prototyping parts, pre-adjustment of the device is possible to within ±1mm of the data set
  • Reduction of setting time and cost minimization for the customer
  • Meaningful results can be derived for the series tools as well as for accompanying processes
  • Modular use of the base supports for further welding devices/prototypes

New development! Tolerance compensation system

Tolerance compensation system
The development was supported and promoted by:

Patent pending – not published.

Three-dimensional alignable tolerance compensation system.

An innovative in-house development for the convenient, exact and reproducible alignment of parts to be clamped.

Areas of application: welding, bonding, assembly

  • Process-accurate adjustment in 3 planes close to the component supported by compression springs
  • Adjustment range: ±5 mm
  • Setting accuracy reproducible: ± 0.02 mm
  • Shims clearly identifiable by thickness marking
  • Safety optimized design
  • Modular design, operating side can be rotated 90
  • Reusable
  • Reduction of costs and adjustment times by approx. 30%.
  • Competitive advantages through a new innovative technology

Complete systems (alignment system, base, tensioner and attachments) according to available according to customer-specific requirements.

“Three-dimensional alignable tolerance compensation system”.pdf download 11


Fixture construction

Fixture construction

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