• Partially automated manual workstations

Partially automated manual workstations

Assembling, testing and marking

With partially automated manual workstations, you ensure high product quality in your series production. During the design process, we pay particular attention to economic and ergonomic aspects.

You benefit from numerous factors both in the design as a stand-alone manual workstation and in the modularly expandable workstation system.

Factors to increase productivity:

  • Ergonomically optimized workplace design
  • Simple and compact design
  • Easy conversion to other products
  • Optimized process flow
  • Individual degrees of automation
  • Economical even from small to medium batch sizes
  • Modularly expandable, even at a later date
  • Compliance with the latest safety regulations


Partially automated manual workstations: Assembling

Manual workstations for the assembly of your products

You will receive assembly workstations from us that are tailored to your needs and designed according to economic and ergonomic aspects.

These offer flexible solutions and can be adapted to new tasks with little effort. The expansion from a purely manual workstation to a partially automated assembly workstation is also possible.

Solutions with integrated units or modularly expandable stations are available for additional tasks such as testing and marking.


Partially automated manual workstations: Testing

Force, displacement, torque, pressure and flow measurement

For high demands in quality assurance, we develop test equipment with integrated measuring systems. These offer the possibility to measure functionally relevant parameters of your products, to evaluate the determined data and to archive them.

The insertion of parts can be manual or automated. After the measurement has been performed, protocol printouts can be created or the tested parts can be permanently marked. By working closely with our customers, we are able to ensure optimal solutions that are tailored to their requirements.


Partially automated manual workstations: Marking

Secure marking of your products

To meet the requirements of quality assurance, tested and measured components must be marked in order to achieve permanent reproducibility.

No two marking operations are alike.

Depending on the requirements and the base material, different marking systems, such as needle or scribe embossing, inkjet or laser marking, are available for permanent marking. The right choice of marking technology is the first step to achieving consistently high product quality.

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