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5-axis simultaneous milling

Economical production of complex geometries and components

As a company that loves innovation, we always work with the latest technology. For the production of complex geometries we make use of the advantages of 5-axis simultaneous milling.

Advantages of 5-axis simultaneous milling

The 5-axis simultaneous movement makes milling of the most complicated contours possible. In addition to the three-axis movement, the tool table can also perform a swiveling and rotating movement at the same time, which means that the tools are always in an optimum position relative to the point of action. The chip cross-section and cutting speed thus remain constant and always provide optimum cutting conditions on the cutting edge of the tool. Machining properties, surface quality and tool life are positively influenced.

The advantages bring about the following customer benefits:

The optimum cutting conditions created by 5-axis simultaneous milling have a positive effect on the entire manufacturing process:

  • High surface finishes without reworking
  • Machining of complex workpieces
  • High accuracy due to multi-sided machining in one set-up
  • Shorter throughput times due to shortened processing sequences
  • Higher production capacities
  • Attractive price-performance ratio due to lower manufacturing costs

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