• Electromechanical subassembly production

Electromechanical subassembly production

Your specialist for electromechanical subassembly production

Benefit from the continuous development and training of our professional staff.

We also manufacture and assemble high-quality subassemblies in the fields of electromechanics and mechatronics based on your specifications.

From a wide variety of components, for example from electronics, electrical engineering, mechanical production or pneumatics, complete or partially assembled electromechanical subassemblies, system assemblies or machine components are created in our assembly department.

Reference projects

Optical test devices

techtory optische prufvorrichtungen 1

Test device for sealing ring assembly

This test device guarantees a low-cost, easy-to-use as well as reliable visual inspection of the presence of sealing rings. The actual inspection is performed with a vision sensor. The sensor takes an image and compares it with a reference image.

This subassembly comes from our own development and production. Programming and commissioning takes place at our premises.

It is delivered functionally tested.

Test units with vision sensor

techtory pruefeinheiten 1

Pre-assembly of optical test units

The camera units, each with a vision sensor and four laser pointers, are used to facilitate assembly and visually inspect four screwing points during series assembly of automotive cross-members.


  • Displaying the respective screw position on the component by means of a laser pointer
  • Monitoring of the correct application position of the screwdriver and subsequent release for screwdriving
  • First check: “Disc present
  • Second check: “Screw present

Ready-to-install assembly for electric forklift truck

techtory lenkwinkelbegrenzung 1

Steering angle limiter as separate, ready-to-install subassembly

The steering angle limiter is a mechanical lock on the steering unit used on forklifts in high-bay warehouses.

It limits the steering angle deflection to max. 3° to the right and left. Unintentional turning of the steering angle is thus prevented to avoid the risk of an accident.

The design was provided by the customer. Techtory delivers tested, ready-to-install subassemblies to the assembly line.

Areas of expertise – subassembly production

Areas of expertise – subassembly production

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