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Project planning

Starting with project planning is the ideal beginning for a successful automation project

Sound project planning with detailed customer consultation and finding solutions together is the first step for us in the implementation of high quality standards.

With our project planning, you gain security, reliability and always achieve cost optimization in the end.

This procedure creates optimal conditions for subsequent CAD design as well as electrical and software planning. Undesirable developments can certainly be avoided.


  • Time and cost savings
  • Productivity increase
  • Minimized risk factors
  • You have an influence on the quality and price of the plant

After completion of the project planning phase, we will be happy to provide you with an offer for the design.

Project planning process

aufnahme istzustand

Recording of actual state with target definition

Together with the customer, our project managers record the current status and define targets, such as cost frameworks or possible production processes.

In the run-up to the upcoming project, we attach great importance to comprehensive customer consultation. With our experience from the most diverse areas of automation, we recognize execution problems at an early stage and suggest alternative solutions.

The goal is an effective error prevention strategy right from the start.

Elaboration of alternative solutions

ausarbeitung loesungsstrategie

What paths lead to the goal

For the development of special solutions, we work out various solution alternatives for you with the resulting advantages and disadvantages, also with regard to economic efficiency.

We check to what extent standardized elements can be used. Only where necessary, individual components are elaborated. This results in unbeatable advantages:

  • Efficient design solutions
  • Low development and manufacturing costs
  • High operational reliability of the installation

Presentation of the results, joint concept selection and final documentation preparation

praesentation ergebnisse

Together to the optimal solution

Taking into account economy, user-friendliness, flexibility, ergonomics and space requirements, etc., we will present you with the advantages and disadvantages of all the variants worked out.

After presenting all the alternatives, we work with you to select the solution that best meets your individual objectives.

Finally, you will be given a meaningful document with the selected solution concept.

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