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Gantries, integrated loading systems and shuttle systems

Gantries, integrated loading systems and shuttle systems ensure efficient workpiece handling when loading and unloading machine tools with unmachined and finished parts, or when transporting workpieces inside the machine.

Gantries and shuttle systems are also used outside of machine tools, e.g. for the economical feed-in and feed-out of parts.

In combination with our standardized, modular cell-systems, parts can be fed to further machining processes. These take place inside the cell-systems. Further machining, assembly or testing processes are possible here, including the use of robots.

Gantry systems

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Cross-room workpiece transport

Gantry systems are preferably used to close the connection between the conveyor units and a shuttle system or workpiece magazine.

Gantry systems can also be used for direct loading of the machine tool. The machine tool is entered from above or from the side.

An optional alignment function allows radial alignment of the workpiece according to an attribute before transfer to the machine tool.

Loading and unloading units

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Gantries, integrated loading systems and shuttle systems

Gantry systems are used for direct loading of the machine tool or as a connection between the conveyor system and the shuttle or workpiece magazine.

Shuttle systems are designed for the transport of unmachined or finished parts and are used for loading and unloading the machine tool.

Integrated loading gantries ensure both loading and unloading of the machine tool and transport of the workpieces to the individual work areas inside the machine.


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Linking machine tools

Interlinking increases the degree of automation in series production. Multiple machine tools are linked together to enable complete machining without manual reclamping.

Blanks are stored in workpiece chutes and fed to a conveyor belt. Grippers remove the blanks and feed them to the machine tools via linear units.

Separations, optical sensors, guide rails and stops enable precise and safe handling of the workpieces.


Technical data

Micro-Cell Universal Cell
Robot manufacturer FANUC FANUC
Handling weight up to 7 kg over 7 kg up to 35kg
Robot range 500 to 1.000 mm 1,100 ibs 2,000 mm
Storage systems
  • Standard systems (see storage systems)
  • Special solutions
  • Standard systems (see storage systems)
  • Special solutions
Processing stations
  • Standard systems (see machining systems)
  • Special solutions
  • Standard systems (s. Machining systems
  • Special solutions
Areas of application
  • Small parts handling
  • Assembly activities
  • Small parts machining
  • Machine tool assembly
  • Parts feeding to production lines
  • Assembly activities
  • Parts postprocessing

automation systems

automation systems

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