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Clamping devices

Intelligent clamping device technology: mechanical – pneumatic – hydraulic

From manual clamping in prototype construction to integration in fully automated production. We supply you with a clamping solution tailored to your individual requirements.

Thanks to our many years of experience in automation, design, manufacturing and assembly, we provide you with the complete know-how when it comes to the demanding and precise clamping of workpieces.

Hydraulic clamping devices

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Large clamping forces, very precise design. Used for machining on cutting machine tools

Intelligent devices with hydraulically controlled clamping sequences are used in automated production lines for large-scale production.

A sensor system for component query and condition monitoring adapted to the respective degree of automation required ensures the quality of your products.

The controlled clamping sequence leads to a reduction in non-productive time and thus to an increase in your productivity.

Pneumatic clamping devices


Small clamping forces, applications in welding fixture construction and handling of workpieces.

From manual welding devices in prototyping for small batch sizes to fully automated devices for robotic welding cells in mass production, there are no limits to the variety of designs.

The use of purchased part and standard components enables a cost-optimized and flexible design for workpiece types and also for workpiece-specific special applications.

Mechanical clamping devices

techtory mechanische spannvorrichtung

Precision in prototype construction and small series production or in the field of measuring and testing equipment

Manual loading and clamping of workpieces in prototype and small batch production must be just as precise and safe as with automatic loading.

Precise manufacturing of the entire device as well as secure fixing of the components, naturally taking ergonomic requirements into account, enable repeatable insertion of the parts.

Consistent quality of your products is guaranteed.

fixture construction

fixture construction

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