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Assembly lines and plants

Assembly lines and installations according to individual design drawings

We offer the production and assembly of complete assembly lines and plants according to your individual production and assembly drawings, parts lists, pneumatic diagrams and circuit diagrams.

With our complete service, you benefit not only from efficient assembly production, but also from other services that we can offer in-house:

Reference projects

Assembly line

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Fully automated production line for coolant pumps

A complete, fully automatic production line for the assembly of electric coolant pumps was manufactured, assembled and commissioned on behalf of the customer.

Functions: soldering, optical solder joint inspection, housing cover feeding and fitting, laser welding, electronic PI testing, leak testing, laser marking.

Project scope:

  • Single part production and purchased parts procurement according to parts list
  • Mechanical assembly according to subassembly drawings
  • Electrical wiring and control cabinet construction
  • Commissioning of the individual systems and safety technology
  • Design modification, adaptation of the hardware plan

Assembly and test facility

Assembly an test facility

Partially automated assembly and testing line for plastic parts

In a semi-automated assembly and testing system, the previously manually loaded injection molded parts are manually inserted into mold fixtures with automatic part scanning.

The indexing to the assembly station and then to the test station takes place via a rotary indexing table. The press-fit process is monitored for displacement and pressure.

A camera station checks the light guides for presence and the entire component for defects. The removal of the components is detected by a light barrier. A label is then output.

Robot cell to punch 2D films automatically

Automatic hardcoat film punching

Automatic hardcoat film punching

In a robotic cell, the entire machining process runs fully automatically.

A robot removes the films one by one before correcting the position supported by a camera and placing the films in a press.

The punched films are removed from the press by an independent linear handling system and deposited in another stacking box. Loading and unloading are carried out by the operator via drawer magazines.

The production process inside the cell is not disturbed by manual removal.

Areas of expertise – subassembly production

Areas of expertise – subassembly production

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